A unique brand of Yukon-based Funk. 
Tight, passionate grooves that make you move.

"Make no mistake, Major Funk and the Employment is a big band with a big sound and big plans." -Ken Bolton (What's Up Yukon)

"Probably the most danceable band I can think  of." -Angela Drainville, AAMF Producer (Yukon News)

Major Funk and the Employment is a hard-working group of dedicated musicians whose collective ambition is to deliver high quality danceables to the people. Founded in Whitehorse in 2014 by bassist Etienne Girard, the band mixes a strong and steadfast rhythm section with a colourful collection of guitars, horns, keyboards, and passionate vocals. Characterized by What's Up Yukon as “quirky but really smooth", Major Funk has gotten crowds grooving across Western Canada with their big, unique, and funky sound, creating a vibrant and rambunctious party atmosphere at every step along the way. Their live album “Hot Off The Floor” showcases their infectious live energy, eclectic style, and superb musicianship. With their first studio effort "Thoughts EP" (Summer 2018), and subsequent singles (Spring/Summer 2019), Major Funk and the Employment continue to bring their tight, bass-driven tunes to enthusiastic audiences far and wide.

Spirited vocals. 
Screaming horns. 
Soaring guitars. 
Super tight bass and drums. 

Together, Major Funk and the Employment take pride in making people dance, with their infectious and inimitable sound creating incendiary performances.

The Major Funk roster:

Etienne Girard (bass), Selina Heyligers Hare (keys and vocals), Adrian Burrill (trumpet and vocals), Lee Campese (drums), Brent Gallant (guitar), Andrew MacKelvie (saxophone), Glen Emond (guitar), Fiona Solon (vocals), Olivier de Colombel (saxophone), Fred Osson (saxophone).